The Moon City Creative District's mission is to promote, develop and sustain an artistic/creative community where individuals may live, work and create in a synergistic environment.

Moon City is 10 square blocks of residential, commercial and industrial real estate. Our residents can live, work and create all from the same location.

We're developing a place of synergy, so whether it's at home or in the district - work and creativity go hand in hand. 

Nature, biking, nightlife and community; it's all coming together in one place - Moon City.

Moon City is walking distance from restaurants, shopping and nightlife along Historic C-Street

When it comes to creativity the only limitations are those that you place on yourself.



Bridging the past to the present, and building a future

Moon City is home to the longest spanning footbridge in the United States


Moon City conducts outdoor activities in Lafayette Park; one of the oldest parks in Springfield