Current restoration in Moon City

Before and after a 

Moon City make-over

The old Ice House in Moon City is an artist favorite for future renovation

Moon City offers several commercial redevelopment opportunities for artists



Live and Work in Moon City

A relationship with the Springfield Affordable Housing Center (SAHC) will help insure that Moon City can be home to all artists.



What is a Live Work District?

A place of creativity, first and foremost.  It's home to artists and creative people who enjoy a sense of community. The Live-Work Overlay Zoning adopted by the City of Springfield allows an artist who lives in the district to operate studios in their homes and have a limited retail presence.

Some mediums presently represented are: painting (watercolor, oil, acrylic), lamp work, and hot-glass, textile, musicians and composers, writers, pottery, woodwork, sculpture, mixed media, handmade books, sketch artists and sign maker.