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 "Paint a Pole" Stroll

October 26, 2019

Take an online tour of the Moon City Painted Poles.  Click the button below and when the map populates, click on the dots:
- Yellow dots are painted poles with photos.
- Red dots are unpainted poles
- Blue squares are notes of interest, and a few interesting paintings not on poles.


We want thank John Snider from Anderson Engineering for his work in making this happen!

There is no charge to paint a pole, but to help us meet expenses, we would appreciate a contribution. Any donation is tax deductible.  Thank you for your consideration.

In the beginning, (isn't that how all great stories begin) Moon City was looking for it's signature. We've always been a grassroots effort, led by residents who love the neighborhood they live in and a group of artists who will put paint on just about anything - seriously, we're been accused.   

With little to no budget, and dreams that only artists understand, we started wondering what is a low cost way to identify our district. It was about that time when Moon City resident Phyllis Ferguson, came up with an idea to paint the utility poles. With a little research she was able to find the best of example in Fernwood, British Columbia. But first we wanted the blessing of City Utilities, the owner of the poles, and with that in hand we set out to do our homework. You can read all about our 4,000 mile journey to Fernwood, British Columbia to learn how-to paint a pole.

Once back on American soil, and armed with a plan, we launched our signature event in the fall of 2014.  With an inventory of over 200 poles to choose from, we currently have just over 130 adorned with a unique image. They not only serve to welcome the visitor, they demarcate the boundaries of our district. We soon realized that when local artists came together we were able to create the largest public art project in Springfield.

Watch the video below and see where it all began, and come join us we'd love to have you!